Portable Solar System

40W Portable Solar System,40w Solar Briefcase,Solar Briefcase

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Specification Of Portable Solar System

Charging source

≤100W 18V solar panel( No load 21.5V)

≤5A 15V adapter


DC12V-AC220V , 300W pure sin wave

Output voltage

1pc USB 5V 1A output;1pc DC 12V5A output;

1pc DC 12V5A cigarette lighter output; 1pc AC 220V output,maximum output current:2A


in battery

2pcs 12V/24AH(Lead acid battery)

Charging time

Will depends on way of charging and power of solar panel and adapter

Discharging time

Will depends on which load power.

Rated charging current


Rated discharging current


System voltage


No load loss


Over pressure protection


Boost voltage


Under voltage


Over discharge voltage


Control mode

Charging; PWM;

Working temperature

-150C to +650C

Over load and short-circuit protection

10ms response

Protection circuit:

Over load and short-circuit protection

Fuse burnout

                                         Note:System configuration base on real object


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