How to Choose Solar Panel ?

1. We must consider the environment and the location of the site.

As the environment is different, the indexes and requirements of the solar panel will be different, so the enterprise should consider the environment and the location of the field when choosing the solar panel. If it is applied in the sunny environment in the south, the sun light can be collected with the ability to collect the light energy. In order to achieve the best power generation effect, if used in snow, low altitude and more continuous rainy days in a special environment, it is best to choose a durable and reserve solar panel.

2. Pay attention to the after-sale service

Which manufacturer provides good quality ? Many users will have similar problems, but it can be judged by the after-sales service of the manufacturer. When the after-sale manufacturers provide the power generation equipment for customers, they will give them corresponding certificate of product and warranty card. When any problems arise, the users will not only have any problems with them. You can make phone calls for consultation, you can also let the factory staff to check carefully the fault.

3. We should pay attention to the price and quality of the products

There is a direct link between the price of the product and the investment cost of the enterprise, and the reliable solar photovoltaic equipment can provide more quality and reliable products in addition to the reasonable price of the product for the user, so the consumer should pay special attention to the two aspects of the product in order to let the user install it. After the solar photovoltaic equipment is completed, it can save certain electricity expenses and get better quality assurance.

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