Do you know how to maintain solar water heaters?

Everyone is using solar water heaters. Do you know how to maintain solar water heaters?

Because the water tank of the solar water heater is stored through the storage tank, the household solar power generation 

system is converted into hot water and the user after the heat energy conversion. So the internal and external quality of the 

water heater is the key points, which affects the use of health. The solar water heater has a thermal insulation function. 

The vacuum glass collector tube of the solar water heater is made of double glazing, the inner table is plated with hot 

absorption layer, and the two layers are vacuum, which is equivalent to a elongated thermos bottle. Heat can not go out 

only, the water heater tank is made of double-layer stainless steel plate, the middle is the polyamine foam insulation body, 

the solar monitoring system thermal insulation effect is very obvious, the general qualified household solar power generation 

system is less than 3-5 degrees Celsius.


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