Analysis on the prediction method of solar

Analysis on the prediction method of solar photovoltaic power generation

The trend of solar energy changes are mainly affected by local geographical conditions and meteorological conditions. The influence of geographical conditions has obvious regularity. According to the local longitude and latitude, the running track of the sun can be calculated, and a general trend of the change of solar energy is calculated according to the parameters of the photovoltaic cell array itself. But this trend does not reflect the general situation of solar energy change within a few hours or even within a few hours.

Meteorological conditions is the most direct impact on the solar radiation. To achieve solar energy trend prediction within a few hours, we must find out the calculation method of solar trend based on meteorological conditions. In recent years, with the rapid development of solar energy industry, the demand for solar photovoltaic power generation is increasing. The research on solar photovoltaic power generation in developed countries is early and fast. At present, the research of solar photovoltaic prediction technology in our country is still at the initial stage, and we need further research and experiment.

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