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In last September 1st, the Commission announced on the review of countervailing measures in the period of Huaguang desk survey before the final supplementary disclosure, intends to lower the minimum limit, the members through discussion, the program will soon release a final ruling. In this regard, the Ministry of Commerce spokesman summit 7 responded that, hope the EU could terminate as soon as possible remedy measures to Chinese photovoltaic products trade, achieve a win-win result of industry.

Summit said that China has taken note of the review in the disclosure of additional award in the recently published PV period, part of the government, enterprises and Chinese absorbed the relevant interested parties, industry organizations submitted comments, put forward a further reduction in the minimum price scheme for the lowest price as soon as possible will transition to the market price level taken a positive step.

Photo voltaic is an emerging industry in the field of new energy. In dealing with global climate change, China and the European Union are consistent in their positions and objectives. We hope the EU could terminate as soon as possible remedy measures to Chinese photo-voltaic products trade, and provides a more stable and predictable business environment for both industry cooperation, achieve a win-win result of the industry, and make joint efforts to cope with climate change." Summit theory.

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