10W Solar System: the Generation of Electromagnetic Radiation
Solar power generation system is a power generation system that uses solar panels to directly convert solar energy into electrical energy. Its main components are solar panels, batteries, controllers and inverters. Its characteristics are high reliability, long service life, no pollution to the environment, independent power generation and grid connected operation. It is favored by the organizations of all countries, and has broad prospects for development.

According to the basic theory of electromagnetism, the electric field distribution around the charged particles will have the corresponding electric field, charged particles change with time will change; because the potential difference between two charged particles around the different potential exists, thus the voltage between two points; when a charged particle is formed when the directional movement of current, current around magnetic field, current changes over time will produce changes in the magnetic field. Similarly, the time varying magnetic field can also generate electric field. The alternating electric field and magnetic field generate perpendicular to each other and transmit to the space continuously, resulting in electromagnetic radiation. The magnitude of the energy carried by electromagnetic radiation depends on its frequency, and the higher the frequency, the greater the energy.

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