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Celebrating JCNSOLAR Got the 2017 Annual Best Product Award System for Household Use

In December 8th, sponsored by the Shenzhen solar energy society, Shenzhen new energy industry association, Research Institute of Zhongshan University hosted the solar system in Southern China new energy photovoltaic industry the highest standard of elite event - 2017 Chinese (Shenzhen) Solar plus international forum and the twelfth session of the new energy technology conference. 2017 China solar photovoltaic industry brand award ceremony was successfully held in Shenzhen. Shenzhen JCN New Energy Technology Co., limited won the 2017 annual best product award system for household use"

The theme of this forum is "solar energy + cross-border cooperation and lead the future". We will focus on the current development trend of global solar photovoltaic industry. We will further dialogue and exchange, discuss the concept of photovoltaic applications and plan the future vision of green energy.

In the future, we will continue to promote the development of new energy industry with our customers and colleagues in the field of "solar energy + cross-border co - finance to lead the future".

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