How to Choose Solar Folding Bag Charger ?

The solar folding bag is to transform solar energy into electricity through solar panels, and then recharge digital products. It has the advantages of folding and portability, and the demand for electricity in various scenes such as travel.

Solar folding bag is a new high-tech solar series, with intelligent adjustment function, which can adjust different output voltage and current. It can charge different charging products, and can be charged to MP3.MP4.PDA, digital camera, mobile phone and other products. The solar energy folding bag has the advantages of small volume, high capacity and long service life. It is suitable for environment and student's standby power supply for business trip, tour, long-distance passenger ship, field operation and so on. It has the characteristics of safety protection, compatibility, large capacity, small volume and long service life. 

The following is to say how to choose a solar folding bag.

1.Use efficiency. The conversion efficiency of solar panels, as the name implies, refers to the efficiency of light energy conversion to electric energy. The conversion rate of solar panels is only 14-16%, and the charging rate is slow. Better conversion rate can reach 23%.

2.Voltage constant output, control circuit and protection circuit. The market now folding solar bag products is very complex, simple design of protection circuit and control circuit inside it, or in poor compatibility, easy to charge mobile phone or mobile phone and bad short battery life. So the design of the control circuit and the protection circuit is very important.

3.Solar charger accessories. This problem is often neglected by many users, but it can not be ignored. There are bad suppliers in the market to configure the inferior parts for the price advantage, and should pay special attention to the selection and purchase of solar charger.

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