How to carry out daily inspection and maintenance of solar panels?

Some users have installed solar street lamps or solar array power systems to use it once and for all. However, when the time flied , electricity was getting less and less, and the lights were not bright. But we don't know how to do it. In addition to the quality and installation problems of the product, the main reason is that too much dust on the solar panel or covered by snow cover in winter, the conversion rate of photoelectric is low, the charging is insufficient, and the battery capacity is not enough. Therefore, we should also regularly organize personnel to carry out all aspects of a careful examination of all panels after the installation of solar power plant equipment, in order to make panels running in good condition for a long period of time, so as to ensure the generation of power plant, to create more economic benefits.

We has collected and arranged some notices for routine maintenance and inspection of solar panels, whether users or family users, hoping to help everyone in using solar panels.

1. Check whether the solar panel is damaged, to be found in time, timely replacement.
2. Check whether the connection line of the solar panel and the ground wire are in good contact, and whether there is a phenomenon of falling off.

3. Check whether there is a fever in the junction box of the confluence box.

4. Check whether the solar panel bracket has no loosening and breaking.

5. Check to clean up the weeds around the solar panel.

6. Check the surface of the solar panel.

7. Check the guano on the surface, cleaned if necessary.

8. Appraise the cleanliness of the solar panel.

9. High wind weather should check the solar panel and the bracket.

10. Snow days in response to thesolar panels were cleared up, avoid the solar panel surface area of frozen snow.

11. The heavy rain should check all the waterproof seal is good, there is no water leakage.

12. Check whether any animal enters the power station and destroys the solar panel.

13. Hail weather should be inspected on the surface of the solar panel.

14. The temperature of the solar panel is detected and compared with the ambient temperature.

15. The problems to be inspecting should be dealt with in time, analysis and summary.

16. Each check should be recorded in detail so as to facilitate the analysis in the future.

17. Make an analysis and summary record and file.

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