Photovoltaic Agricultural Greenhouse

Photovoltaic Agricultural Greenhouse

What's photovoltaic agriculture?

Broadly speaking, photovoltaic agriculture is a new type of agriculture which is widely used in modern agriculture, such as planting, breeding, irrigation, pest control, and agricultural machinery power. It is the thin-film solar facilities agricultural integration grid power station as the core, set film solar power generation, application and popularization of agricultural optoelectronic engineering, modern agricultural planting and breeding, processing and comprehensive utilization, agricultural planting and breeding technology exchange promotion, personnel training, sightseeing agriculture, agricultural products logistics and other functions in one. The combination of solar power generation, modern agricultural planting and breeding, efficient facilities agriculture can be said that photovoltaic agriculture is a change of production mode of farm changing factory and field changing workshop.

The advantages of photovoltaic agriculture

Photovoltaic agricultural science and technology greenhouse is a new mode of distributed photovoltaic applications. Compared with the construction of large-scale centralized photovoltaic ground power station, the photovoltaic agricultural science and technology greenhouse project has many advantages. 

First of all, the use of photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses is agricultural greenhouse roof, does not occupy the ground, will not change the nature of land use, so it can save the land resources; 

secondly, through solar panels installed in different agricultural greenhouses light transmittance, can meet the demand of lighting in different crops can be planted, organic agricultural products, precious seedlings etc. all kinds of high value-added crops, but also to achieve the anti season planting, planting quality; 

finally, the power generation can not only meet the demand of top agricultural greenhouse using shed, can also sell surplus power, increase revenue.(PS:In this article, the photoes related agricultural greenhouses are produced and installed by our company)

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