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New Coming LED Solar Flood Light

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Main accessories: 

solar panels, lithium batteries, lighting lamps, connection lines, light sensors;

Product features: 

1, energy saving, low power consumption. Compared with the traditional lamps and lanterns, the LED lighting lamp can save the power of 60%-80%.

2. Using imported chips to ensure that all LED products have excellent light efficiency.

3, using LED driven by independent development and strict test, ensure product stability and after-sales maintenance.

4. The use of scientific lamps and lanterns conforms to the heat dissipation requirements of LED and ensures the service life of LED.

5. Use the high quality light diffuser to make the light more uniform, high light pass and no glare.

6, the product is durable, not easy to damage.

7, environmental health. All energy saving lamps contain mercury, which does not contain mercury and has no ultraviolet radiation.

8, no strobe, protection of vision, especially suitable for long time learning and working under the lighting environment.

9, rich colors, optional white and warm white two color effect;

10, the product does not need to be installed, suitable for various types of mobile lighting such as camping, outdoor activities, 

emergency lighting and other places.


mainly for courtyard lighting, outdoor camping, night fishing, field operations, outdoor activities, field mountaineering, self driving travel, emergency

lighting, night construction and other places requiring mobile lighting.

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